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Fissure sealants and fluoride applications are the building blocks of preventive dentistry.

Fluorine is a natural mineral found in the water we drink, meat, tea and eggs. Fluorine provides the most effective protection for caries prevention mechanisms.

It has been determined that fluorinated toothpastes play an active role in preventing tooth decay. Caries can be reduced to a large extent with regular fluoride applications and good oral hygiene in individuals in high and moderate caries risk groups. With good oral hygiene, regular follow-up is important. For this reason, please do not hesitate to call for your doctor’s appointments.

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    Luminous Dentacare Clinic was established in 2011 by our Dentists from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry by Dr. Huseyin Emre Aydin and Dr. Celalettin Emrah Yellice. 

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